Flight of Wine 5 Tasting $9.00  

 Glass of Wine $6.00  

Wine Slushie $12.00 (Seasonal-Summer) 

Mulled Wine $6.00 (Seasonal- Winter)


Bella Rose Wine


Bella Rose Red: $17.95 Bodied, dry with high tannis. Hungarian oak-aged with flavors of dark cherries, blackberries, earth and spice. (Cabernet Sauvignon 70% & Marechal Foch 30%)

Cabernet Franc: $28.95 Classic medium-bodied red with moderate tannnins. The flavor is balance between red fruits, herbs, and peppery earthiness. The very young vintage aged in French oak has medium- to high acidity. ​​​​​​​

Cabernet Sauvignon: $28.95 Bodied, dry with high tannins. Gently oak-aged with flavors of dark cherries, blackberries, chocolate, and spice.

Ridge Red: $17.95 An aromatic nose with abundant berry-cherry flavors. Traditional flavors of Blackberry, blueberry, cedar and plum notes with hints of chocolate. Full-bodied...                      (34% Chancellor, 34%Chambourcin & 33% Marechal Foch)

Rosé: $18.95 Limited Edition- Dry with notes of bright strawberries mixed with citrus and balanced by a refined minerality (Pinot Noir)  

Chardonnay Bourbon Barrel Aged : $18.95 Limited Edition- Rich, vanilla bean, buttered toast, and carmel flavor coming through on the oak finish. Concentrated with a balanced acidity. Aged 5 months in Knob Creek 9-Year Bourbon Barrels. 2020

UnOaked Chardonnay: $17.95 Stainless Steel Aged. Flavors of crisp green apple, fruit forward, and a bright finish. 

Dry Riesling: $16.95 Crisp and aromatic. Notes of orange blossom and lavender. Nice mineral finish. 

Traminette: $16.95 An aromatic, semi-dry varietal from the Gewurztraminer family. Pronounced floral spice aromas followed by flavors of citrus and lime zest.  (0.25%RS)

Semi-Dry Riesling: $15.95 Aromas of lemon-lime, apple and wet stone with flavors of peach. 2018

Bubbles: $16.95 A semi-dry sparkling wine with overtones of apricot, peach and taste of luscious grapes. (50%Niagara, 45%Seyval & 5% Fredonia)

Peach Bubbles: $16.95 A sweet sparkling wine with tons of peach flavor, and later notes of honey. (6% RS) (50%Niagara, 50%Taminette)

Niagara: $13.95 Sweet white wine with a fresh and fruity grape flavor. (7.5% RS)

Concord: $13.95 Sweet and fruity, deep and rich with pronounced grape flavors and a silky mouth feel. An intensely flavored regional wine. 8% Residual Sugar.

Catawba: $13.95 Intense notes of grape and pineapple. Sweet yet balanced. Residual Sugar 9%.

Pint: $6.50       

 32OZ Fill: $12.99

Beer Flights: $10.00   ​​​​​​​

   64OZ Growler: $6.00 (empty)          64OZ Fill:  $21.99


Windy Brew Beer

              We have 10 beers on tap that changes regularly.

Down below are beers that we frequently have on tap!!  

Fluffer Nutter Stout: (Draft)  What else is there to say? Fluffer Nutter Dark Rich Beer! 5.0% ABV

Lunation Belgian White: (Draft) Light, clean, crisp. Take it home and serve with an orange, If you like to get some vitamin C while also enjoying a beer! 5.5% ABV

Boolicious Blueberry: (Draft) Wheat Ale-Looks like blueberries, taste like blueberries, so they added beer to it so they could enjoy blueberry beer. 5.8% ABV

Bessy’s Cookies & Cream Stout: (Draft) Adjunct Stout. This cookies and cream stout is the best type of desert.  6.2% ABV

Sheldon Bush Cream Ale: (Draft) It’s called a cream ale because of its nitrogenated gas blend, which gives it a creamy texture. 6.0% ABV​​​​​​​

American Ale: (Draft) Amber Ale with notes of caramel and a smooth finish. It will have you chanting “USA” by the time you finish!! 5.0% ABV

    Berry’s Hefe: (Draft) Unfiltered wheat beer, Barry said make me a Hefeweizen,           Bill said yes. THE END. 5.5% ABV

Food Menu

Charcuterie Board for Two: Italian Dry Salami, Calabrese Salami, Castelvetrano Olives, White Cheddar Cheese, Multigrain Crackers, Chocolate Covered Cranberries. 

Naturally Nuts: Sweet, savory, & sometimes hot, morsels of nut goodness, we even provide vegan options. To find out the different varieties currently provided, please ask your server. 

Praline Kettle Corn: Kettle Corn, pecans, almonds, and cashews covered in chocolate mixed in pure maple syrup vanilla butter.  Made by Naturally Nuts 7oz bag. 

(Currently Availible Fri, Sat & Sun.)

Garlic hummus with naan: roasted garlic hummus dip with stone fire naan dippers, olive oil drizzle and Greek gardenia garnish.

Bavarian pretzel: gourmet  salted soft Bavarian pretzel served with Greystone, spicy mustard and fat tire craft beer cheese. 

Mexican street corn dip: charred, corn, lime, cotija-cream cheese blend, Crema, smoked paprika, margarita, salt with corn tortilla chips.